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Our environment and our smiles

Ever wonder what impact our teeth are having on our environment?

Impact of plastics in oral health care products
What happens to plastics?

Dentists often suggest changing your toothbrush every three months (or after serious illness). This means approximately 30-million toothbrushes are thrown out yearly. If each toothbrush consists of 20grams of plastic, it equates to 600 tonnes of plastic (or 600 adult elephants) every year!

landfill waste
Plastics going into landfill

Imagine all this going into landfill or into our oceans. Plastics are considered non-biodegradable. Even the new biodegradable and bio-based plastics require specific conditions to degrade.

JACO Dental understands how important it is to look after your oral health. Good quality oral care products positively impact the health of your teeth and gums. However, these products eventually get thrown in the bin and end up in oceans or landfill.

recycle plastics
You can help us!

To reduce the amount of plastics in our oceans, we have decided to become a collection hub for your used oral care products. You can directly contribute to looking after our environment by gathering together and sending to us your used oral care products. We can recycle :

  • plastic toothbrushes

  • plastic electronic toothbrush heads

  • empty plastic floss containers

  • empty plastic toothpaste tubes and caps.

Learn more at our website.

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