Our Values

Family, health and happiness. These are the three core values that we at JACO Dental have used as the foundation to our dental practice.

It’s all in the name

Why are we called JACO Dental? Family runs deep in our practice, starting with the name of our practice. Back in 2012, two sisters dreamed of opening a family friendly, health focused dental practice. This dream could only have been realised through the constant support of our parents, JAmes and COrina Liu. With this in mind, we named our dental practice, JACO Dental.

All about Family

JACO Dental is a family dental practice run by two sisters, Dr Judy Liu (principal dentist) and Debby Liu (practice manager). Naturally this family-centred value extends to the way we run our dental practice and the way we treat our patients, that is, with utmost care and respect. JACO Dental dentists value each individual’s independence and will aim to empower you and your family with the necessary knowledge to manage your oral and dental hygiene.

Health is our Passion

At JACO Dental we believe that your family’s health is most important. JACO Dental dentists focus on each family member’s oral and dental health. As oral and dental health can affect overall health and wellbeing, JACO Dental dentists also collaborate with your family doctor and other health professionals to ensure the best health outcome for you and your family.

We Smile because we are Happy

Our team at JACO Dental aim to ensure your family’s visit to the dentist is as stress-free and relaxing as possible. Our vision at JACO Dental is to ensure you and your family leave your appointment with a bright and happy smile.