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Doing our part:


Dental practices generate large amounts of waste cotton, plastic and latex, not to mention the chemicals used for disinfecting. It's time we become more conscious about it and move towards a more sustainable, green dental clinic.

Dental Checkup

To bridge the gap between uncompromising patient health and the impact we have on the health of our planet.


We believe passionately in our team members, our impact on patient health as well as the health of our environment.

Planet Made of Plastic


It's devastating to see the waste accumulating across our planet and destroying the creatures in it. It's also scary to know that we ingest species that eat up micro-plastics in the oceans. Learn more by watching the video.

Our environment

Our goals


  • plastic waste and single-use plastics

  • water and electricity wastage

  • paper usage (go digital)


  • office and packaging items


  • items that can be recycled and opt for products made from recycled materials

  • #TerraCycle program recycle used plastic home oral care products


Recycling Logo
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We are working hard to making our practice as sustainable as possible without compromising on patient care.

Dr Judy Liu
Principal dentist

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