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Enhanced oral health care

The world's first fitness tracker for your mouth is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

The Truthbrush Tracker encourages better brushing habits for your whole family by understanding current behaviour.

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Cultivate healthy brushing habits for life

Simple and sleek

Truthbrush is simple to setup and automatic. Collection of your brushing habit is passive, meaning less time worrying about connecting devices, and more time to focus on actually BRUSHING.

Build great habits

It works with any toothbrush (manual and electric) with a dedicated WiFi Hub to collect reliable data for one or more users. Keep track of your data through the FREE Truthbrush app.

Dentist support

Your real-time toothbrushing data can be sent to your dentist, making it easy to work together to improve and maintain great home oral hygiene habits. 

Want to know more about Truthbrush?

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Buy your Truthbrush bundle now!

Build your healthy habits early and the results will last! Truthbrush shows you where improvements can be made. It also assists in developing great brushing habits quickly and effectively for the whole family.

Other reasons to start Truthbrush tracking today:

  • Weekly activity chart

  • Complete brushing log

  • Notifications

  • Collect all family data

  • Real-time analytics

  • Share your log

  • Goals and rewards

  • Personalised tips

  • Beep timer

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Need help setting up?

How to setup your Truthbrush Travel Hub

How to setup your Truthbrush Pro Tracker

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