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Healthy Food, Healthy Teeth

5 great foods for Healthy Teeth

I want to talk to you about my favourite topic, food! Did you know that poor oral health is among the most common health diseases in Australia contributing to the rise in health care costs? Many of the costs spent on oral health is associated with treatment for preventable oral disease, such as decay. But did you know that there are a few common foods that can help prevent these problems?

Okay, so EVERYONE knows that to maintain a healthy weight, part of the factor is to eat healthy. This is the same for your oral health. Yes, we can have those yummy desserts on our cheat days, but it means we must know what to eat (and do) to keep our pearly whites from becoming less-than-white, and cavity free.

5 foods to eat for healthy teeth

I love food and below are 5 foods I enjoy whilst being great for my teeth and gums. You can try them too!

1. Cheese

Say Cheese to healthy teeth!

Cheese is the most obvious – delicious and great for teeth and bones. It contains calcium, the key component of hydroxyapatite, which helps strengthen and protect tooth enamel, whilst casein, the protein in dairy products, plays a role in the repair of damaged enamel. Eating cheeses such as cheddar, lowers acid levels in the mouth and increases saliva flow. Great for strengthening bones too!

2. Almonds

Crunch on some almonds but don’t crack a tooth!

Another great supply of calcium, if you aren’t into your cheeses (or are lactose intolerant), is almonds. Yes, these scrumptious nuts are packed with nutrition such as vitamin E, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, niacin, phosphorus and CALCIUM! The latter two being vital to the strength and durability of bones and teeth.

3. Fish

Delicious fish for my taste-buds AND teeth!

With the two calcium-packed foods we’re eating, we need foods high in vitamin D to help our body absorb it. Fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, is a terrific source, which enhances the disease-fighting benefits of calcium to protect your gums and teeth. Grilled salmon anyone?

4. Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are a delight to my eyes and teeth!

What about your gums? They are the foundation of your teeth, so naturally, we also need foods to look after them. Initial symptoms of lack of fresh fruit and veggies may include swollen and bleeding gums (gingivitis). Besides good cleaning of the teeth and gums (discussed on another blog), vitamin C (ascorbic acid) strengthens connective tissue and blood vessels to minimise infection and bleeding of gums. Strawberries and oranges are great to boost this essential vitamin.

5. Tea

Tea for my Tee-th

Getting thirsty? Whilst I would choose water over most drinks, it does get a little …bland. What about tea? We’ve heard so many health benefits of tea, and it is also the case for your teeth and gums. Tea contains polyphenols that decreases the growth of bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Have this in moderation though, or else you’ll end up with stained teeth!

Love your food. Love your teeth. Love your smile.

Of course, there are many more foods good for your teeth and gums. These are just 5 of my favourites and what people often ask me about. Just remember, rinse your mouth with water and wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after each meal.

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