Orthodontic Treatment

What is orthodontic treatment and why is it important?

Orthodontic treatments aim to align and straighten teeth. There are many benefits to orthodontic treatment including:

  • Improving your bite and in turn improving digestion

  • Increasing long term dental stability

  • Decreasing risk of tooth decay

  • Easier to brush

  • Decreasing stress on gums and jaw

  • Improving headaches and neck pain

  • More confident smile

What types of orthodontic treatment are there?

There are a range of orthodontic treatments available. At JACO Dental we offer the below orthodontic treatments:

  • Metal braces

  • Ceramic braces

  • Clear aligners (Invisalign, SmileStyler)

Why choose JACO dental for your orthodontic treatment?

At JACO Dental we believe that orthodontic treatment play a very important role in improving your oral and dental health. They provide both physical and emotional benefits and thus have tremendous positive influence on your overall health and wellbeing. We provide various orthodontic treatment options to ensure there is one that suits you.