Dental Implant

"Ranked 1st in Asia-Pacific and Korean markets, and 6th globally."

Osstem Australia

6 reasons by Osstem Implant is good

  1. Globally recognised product: number 1 in Korea, number 6 in the world. Used in approximately 70 countries

  2. Product that is used the most

  3. Certified product: possesses the oldest term of clinical records among domestic products

  4. Higher success rate

  5. Advanced technology

  6. Certificate of authenticity


9 reasons why you need to have an implant

  1. Natural smile and comfort

  2. 0% chance of developing dental caries

  3. Same masticatory force as natural teeth

  4. Healthy maintenance of oral cavity

  5. Significantly better sense of taste

  6. Preservation of adjacent teeth without damage

  7. Economical, semi-permanent lifespan

  8. Improved fixation of denture

  9. Emancipation from the discomfort of dentures