Multidisciplinary approach

Modern day dentistry is not just about teeth. It is about complex oral, facial and health problems patients present with that require a holistic approach.

What is "multidisciplinary approach"?


This refers to dental treatment that requires more than one type of tactic. Multilevel care is required for complex cases which need to be treated in several steps. More often than not, these cases arise when dental care, for whatever reason, has been ignored and neglected for extended periods of time. Sometimes it could be because what the patient presents with requires both dental and medical teams to produce the best outcome.

Why "multidisciplinary approach"?


Oftentimes, the due to the complexity of the treatment required, having a team of like-minded dedicated professionals who share the common goal of providing optimal oral healthcare to our patients is beneficial.  There is also increasing evidence that dental disease such as gum disease affects your health, in particular, cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of a "multidisciplinary approach"


As the patient, you will get the most appropriate treatment decision made by a team of experts. Ultimately, you will have better treatment and care.

Who we work with

  • Dental specialists including, but not limited to:

    • Orthodontist​

    • Prosthodontist

    • Periodontists

    • Oral surgeon/OMFS

    • Endodontist

  • Health care professionals

    • Your GP​

    • ENT

  • Allied health professionals

    • Speech pathologists​

    • Physiotherapists

    • Psychologists